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RoomsToMove Online Hotel Reservation Booking System for Hotels, Motels, Resorts, B&B's, Guest Houses
Affordable Online Hotel Reservation Booking System with Flat Fee Per Reservation or Flat Monthly Fee for Unlimited Reservations Click for More details on RoomsToMove Online Reservation Booking System

RoomsToMove is a very user-friendly online hotel reservation booking system that integrates seamlessly with your existing hotel website. With RoomsToMove, reservations can be taken at anytime, empowering you to receive confirmed bookings 24 hours a day from your own hotel website and most importantly, giving your customers an instant confirmation of their booking.

We make it extremely affordable for any size hotel by charging only a Low Flat Rate Booking Fee per Reservation (regardless of the amount of rooms nights and revenue generated) or a Flat Monthly Fee for Unlimited Reservations - we do NOT charge percentage based commission fees.

RoomsToMove is ideal for Hotels, Motels, Resorts and B&B's of any size.

10 Reasons why RoomsToMove

Low Flat Fee Per Confirmed Reservation or Flat Monthly Fee (Unlimited Reservations).

With the RoomsToMove Booking System, you have a choice - pay a Low Flat Fee Per Reservation OR a Flat Monthly Fee for Unlimited Reservations. The Flat Fee Per Reservation is a Fixed Fee regardless of the amount of room nights and revenue generated from a booking.

No Costly Commissions.

Unlike some other systems, there is no 10%, 15% (or any percent) commission. You only pay a Fixed Flat Fee Per Reservation OR a Fixed Monthly Fee for Unlimited Reservations. After all, you shouldn't have to pay percentage based commission fees for bookings from your own website - should you!

No Minimum Monthly Fees (Flat Fee Per Reservation Option).

There are no minimum monthly fees to use the RoomsToMove Booking System. This means that if unfortunately nobody books a room via the RoomsToMove System, then you don't need to pay a thing - $0.

No Maintenance Fees.

There are no monthly, or yearly maintenance fees.

Sell Direct from Your Hotel Website.

The RoomsToMove Booking System gives you the ability to sell rooms directly from Your Own Hotel Website and gives your customers an Instant Confirmation. The booking system can also be setup to look like your accommodation website (eg; same "look & feel" - design/layout, colours, logos, navigation etc) so that the overall booking experience is kept consistent with your hotel branding.

Instant Confirmation.

Customers can now make a reservation and receive an Instant Confirmation both on screen and via email. The hotel also receives a confirmation email of the reservation. No more emails going back and forth.

Free Up Your Staff.

No more answering Email enquiries about your rates and if you have any rooms available that a lot of the time don't eventuate due to time delays of emails going back and forth.

Update Your Inventory at any time.

Update and manage your rates and inventory at any time of the day or night from any computer with Internet access from anywhere in the world.

No Hardware or Software to Install.

The RoomsToMove Online Booking System runs from our servers, so there is no hardware or software for you to install and continually maintain. You simply place a link on your website to the booking system.

No Setup Fee or Joining Fees.

There are No Setup Fees on a 12 month Agreement. This means that you can have a Live Booking System on your own website with No Capital Outlay.